Friday, October 25, 2013

It's On B*tch!

Ms. Simpson better bring it because the race is on to slim down post baby. Having had the pleasure to share the birth month with Jessica, we are now both trying to shed weight, although I don't have a multi-million dollar contract with weight watchers as an incentive (boo hoo for me). Regardless, I have my own motivation of wanting to live a long and healthy life looking as good as I can in my mommy heels. My goal is to be a MILF! I admit it, I want to be a MILF and I'm not hiding it!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane:

The good ol' days...young and fit

Pregnancy...a blur of cupcakes and heartburn

Now 4.5 months post baby...looking pretty good but we can do better Jessica!!! No need to hide behid that big purse, let's do this!

So follow me as I battle with Jessica, who will win? Will it matter that she has personal trainers and chefs? Or can my super mommy powers give me the will to get back to the good ol' days?

ciao, Tina

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